January 23, 2024

Meet Meridith Lowe | Lead Event Producer


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We had the good fortune of connecting with Meridith Lowe and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Meridith, what do you attribute your success to?
The most important factor behind our success as wedding planners, a triumph I share with my partner Jennifer, is our unwavering commitment to a few key principles that define our brand and work ethic. Firstly, our success can be attributed to our strategic focus on niche markets. We have dedicated ourselves to understanding these specific areas intimately, which allows us to craft weddings that are not only beautiful but deeply resonant with our clients’ unique visions, personal connections to the setting and overall priorities for their wedding.

Another cornerstone of our success is the extraordinary kindness and respect we extend to our vendors and venues. We believe in nurturing these relationships with the utmost care and recognizing that these collaborations are vital in bringing our clients’ dreams to life. Our approach goes beyond mere transactions; we invest a tremendous amount of time and effort in building and maintaining these connections, creating a network of trust and mutual respect.

Moreover, our attention to detail and proactive communication set us apart in the wedding planning industry. We are meticulous in our planning, leaving no stone unturned to ensure every aspect of the wedding day is flawlessly executed. Our foresight in communication with all key vendors means we’re always several steps ahead, preemptively addressing potential challenges and ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Finally, the enduring relationships we forge with our clients are the true heart of our success. We don’t just plan a wedding; we celebrate and honor the love story of each couple. By staying friends with our clients long after their special day, we create a lasting bond that transcends the event itself. This personal touch, this commitment to celebrating their most important day, not just as a one-time event but as a lifelong journey, is what truly sets us apart and underpins the success of our brand.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
My artistic journey is a testament to my passion for creating immersive and personalized experiences in the world of weddings. What sets me apart is not just my ability to design and produce visually stunning events but also my commitment to understanding and incorporating the unique stories and personalities of the couples I represent.

Working with Gemini has been an incredible opportunity that has allowed me to break free from the confines of a traditional venue, enabling me to fully maximize my creative potential. This shift has been pivotal in my professional growth, as it allows me to approach each event holistically. I take pride in viewing every occasion as a canvas, carefully crafting color stories, themes, and integrating the couple’s personal touches, be it inside jokes, shared passions, or cherished traditions.

One of the aspects that excites me the most is the collaborative spirit fostered within our incredible vendor team. I believe in encouraging each team member to bring their unique skills to the table, going above and beyond to transform the couple’s love story into a tangible, memorable experience. This collaborative approach is what sets our work apart, creating a seamless and harmonious blend of talents that elevate every wedding.

The journey to where I am today has been far from easy. I’ve encountered challenges that pushed me to evolve both creatively and professionally. Adapting to the dynamic nature of the industry and overcoming obstacles has been a crucial part of my growth. It’s taught me resilience, the importance of staying true to my artistic vision, and the significance of embracing change as an opportunity for innovation.

As for what I want the world to know about my brand and story, it’s a narrative of passion, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. I want to be recognized for creating not just weddings, but memories that resonate with the hearts of the couples and guests involved. My brand stands for authenticity, collaboration, and the belief that every celebration should be a true reflection of the individuals at the center of it.

In essence, my artistic journey is a continual exploration of pushing boundaries, celebrating love stories in their uniqueness, and creating experiences that linger in the hearts of those who witness them.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
What a FUN question!

Wow, ok, this is a tough one because life in Vail & Beaver Creek are dynamically different in the Winter months than in the Summer months and the adage that all locals say is so true: “I came for the skiing and stayed for the summer, then never left!”

So, what I’d like to propose is that we pretend that we can transcend between Summer and Winter:

Day 1: Arrive, check-in and get outside!
– Early check-in at Four Seasons Vail (year-round)
– Get a delicious cocktail & small bite in Remedy Bar (year-round)
– Head across (5 min walk East) town to Betty Ford Gardens for a meandering hike around the gardens (Summer)
– G.O.A.T. Happy Hour at Vail Stables (Summer)
– Dinner at Bully Ranch at Sonnenalp Hotel (year-round)

Day 2:
– Walk to Yoga in Betty Ford Gardens or Dryland Fitness with Kim Fuller and Bobby L’Heureux (Betty Ford = Summer / Dryland Fitness = year-round)
– Grab-and-go breakfast from Loaded Joe’s (year-round)
– Get picked up by Nova Guides for a side-by-side adventure at Camp Hale (Summer)
– Return to Vail and grab lunch at Mountain Standard (sit at the bar and chat up the friendly bar staff) – don’t miss the Bloody Mary, pimento cheese dip, wedge salad, and oyster shooters (year-round)
– Shop around Vail: Kemo Sabe, Squash Blossom, The Golden Bear, J Cotter and Gorsuch
– Drinks and Dinner at Root & Flower (year-round)
– After-party at Bad Kitty Lounge – best Paloma and Espresso Martini everrr! (year-round)

Day 3:
– Quick breakfast & coffee at Two Arrows (year-round)
– Wake up early and get first chair (Gondola One) at Vail (Winter)
– Late lunch at The 10th on Vail Mountain (Winter)
– Afternoon spa retreat with Four Seasons (year-round)
– Drinks & Apps at Sweet Basil – sit at the bar (year-round)
– More drinks & Apps at Chasing Rabbits Restaurant and After-party at Chasing Rabbits Rabbit Hole (year-round)

Day 4:
– Decadent Breakfast buffet at Sonnenalp Ludwigs (year-round)
– Check out of Four Seasons Vail and head to Beaver Creek (year-round)
– Ski Beaver Creek McCoy Park and over to Bachelor Gulch (Winter)
– Lunch at Buffalo’s at Ritz-Carlton (year-round)
– Check in to Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch (year-round)
– Relax in The Ritz grotto and outside hot tubs (year-round)
– Take the Ritz shuttle to dinner at Splendido (year-round)

Day 5:
– Wake up and hike Beaver Creek Mountain to Beaver Lake (moderate / difficult) or Allie’s Way (easy / moderate) (Summer)
– Breakfast at 8100 at Park Hyatt (year-round)
– Ski Beaver Creek Mountain (Winter)
– Lunch at Golden Eagle Inn (year-round)
– Go ice skating at the Beaver Creek ice rink (Winter)
– Dinner at Hooked (year-round)
– Late-night at Coyote Café (year-round)

Day 6:
– Breakfast at WYLD at Ritz-Carlton (year-round)
– Spa day at Ritz-Carlton (year-round)
– 1/2 day check-out of Ritz and head home (*tearfully)

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Hands down, this shoutout goes to Jennifer Pletcher, Owner and Creative Director of Gemini Planning & Design.

Working with Jennifer has been an incredible journey. We actually started off as friends with me as an Event Manager at a few luxury wedding venues in Vail, and her as the Owner of Gemini. I find, there’s something about starting as friends that really set a solid foundation for a great working relationship.

Jennifer is a powerhouse of creativity, kindness and dedication. What began as a friendship quickly evolved into a dynamic partnership. We’ve got this amazing synergy – trust, honor, intuition, you name it. It’s like we just get each other, you know?

Every time we collaborate on a wedding or an event, it feels like we’re not just planning & producing, we’re creating art. Jennifer’s got this incredible knack for understanding what clients want, sometimes even before they realize it themselves. She’s all about inspiration and pushing boundaries, which has been a huge learning curve for me, in the best possible way.

But here’s the thing – it’s not just about the events. It’s about how we’ve grown, both individually and as a part of Gemini. This brand, is not just a business for us; it’s a testament to what can happen when you mix professional dedication with personal passion.

In short, working with Jennifer has been beyond my wildest dreams come true (seriously!) – challenging, rewarding, and always inspiring. I look forward to many more years of creating magic with her through Gemini Planning & Design.

Website: https://www.geminieventplanning.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gemweddingsvail/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meridith-lowe/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gemweddingsvail/

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Very important, please include: Planner photo and sparkler photo – Kelly Lemon Photography Courthouse photo (with floral along facade) – Megan Wynn Photography Purple Reception with LED dance floor – Shane Macomber Tented Reception with baby’s breath ceiling installation – Tamara Gruner Chinese lion dancers with couple – Megan Wynn Photography Outdoor ceremony altar with rugs and floral – Shane Macomber Aerial view of venue – Nate Shepard Photo