Welcome to Gemini Event Planning and Design, Vail and surrounding Colorado's premier Event Specialist.  We are a full service luxury planning company who thrives by bringing our clients the creative, breathtaking and sincere.  Our planning is more than a service- we strive to provide an intentional experience together.  What is your favorite place to travel? What passions do you share as a couple? And how can we incorporate those elements into your wedding so it feels unique in style and reflective of you two individually?

We guide and oversee your entire process and are your main contacts for the entire year and more.

We do not take your trust lightly and I look forward to exceeding your expectation with our detailed, custom and professional approach, rooted in kindness and experience. There are many new planners as Colorado has grown. Be sure to choose a company with experience and expertise.

Events are not just about how they look- we care about how they feel to you. And we are experienced with your needs whether you are a Vail local, live on a coast or are planning internationally.  We are wedding focused or can help plan multi day events if requested.  We emphasize quality over quantity so you are truly receiving the best Vail has to offer.

As the only planner in Vail who was born and raised here, we know the hidden gems.  We are extremely  knowledgeable in all venues within the Valley -- I can help you find your perfect fit.

Our main pillars are kindness and creativity.  For both our clients and our vendors- we are all a team for a year+.  The planning is fun, relaxing and stress free because of this approach. We sincerely believe the planning should be as enjoyable as the wedding itself.  We are  your advocate in all things and are here to make your entire experience, from first call to day of, extraordinary.

We can't wait to work with you.



As Colorado's population has boomed, so have your options.  Thank you for taking the time to read our reviews, awards and browse our galleries so you can see: there is no one like us.

  • We have a unique pricing structure that ensures you are getting truly trustworthy and unbiased guidance from us.  Our goal is to save you money and build your trust.
  • We only work select Mountain towns in Colorado and are Vail based. Others work all over Colorado.  We believe when you spread yourself out, you are a jack of all trades but master of none.  We know Vail and the surrounding areas better than anyone.
  • Because we work so diligently to foster great relationships with our vendors, we get preferred pricing over many other planning companies.  Which means that just by being a Gemini Client, you save money.
  • Jennifer's background is in more than event planning- as a former Marine Biologist who lived all over the world, she brings a relaxed demeanor but detail oriented approach and a strong skill set for problem solving and communicating- two key factors in planning your wedding.
  • Our goal is to provide more than just a service-  our friendly process and flexible style has resulted in many lifelong friends with our clients after the wedding and THAT is the best gift and review we can ask for!

What is included?
Our comprehensive packages include everything you will ever need assistance with.  We are your main point of contact for your entire journey.  We reach out to your vendors, negotiate contracts, secure your lodging contracts and everything that follows.  We would love to provide a detailed proposal outlining our process after our initial phone call with you.  Ask any questions you need - we customize to your desires.  We pride ourselves on being flexible to each individual client.

What is the process?

  • Explore design and vision through conversations and image sharing.  We will help you find your style.
  • Create a Custom Action List detailing a plan for the next year+, separating goals into small, manageable and fun tasks.  We work on this document together on calls around your schedule.
  • Help you secure lodging, room blocks, and write copy for your website while working on paperie such as Save the Dates and more.
  • Provide exceptional options for all vendors based on your style, vision and budget.  We negotiate and review your contracts so you are always covered and save money.
  • Assistance with your floral design, space design, room layouts and menu options.  Provide creative idea alternatives.
  • Assist with all paperie and proofing- invitations, menus, programs etc.
  • Organize all your visits and meetings in Vail
  • Create a comprehensive, detailed timeline for all facets of the wedding day and communicate that to all  involved
  • Attend key meetings such as Venue Tasting, Site Tours and Floral/Design Meetings and Mockups
  • Create your Wedding Worksheet, Budget Tracker, create Welcome Letter, Weekend Itinerary for Wedding Party and Family, and more.
  • All Vendor communication and confirmation.

Thank you for your consideration.  We will see you in the Mountains!

Jennifer, Meridith and the Gemini Wedding & Design Team




I don’t even know how to begin.  I met Jeni 14 months before my wedding date of Sept 15, 2018.  From the first conversation on she was amazing.  Extremely organized, on top of everything. Through the months that preceded the wedding, my now husband and I grew closer to her. Her vibrant energy and dedication to the service that she provides.  If you ask any vendor in the Vail Valley, they will tell you how much they enjoy working with her.  5 weeks before our wedding I was in a horrific car accident that left me i the hospital for 21 days.  Since it was crunch time and, I was unable to even get out of bed, Jeni came to visit me on the hospital and told me that if we wanted to go through with the wedding, she could handle the rest of the remaining details.  Since she had worked so closely with us in the previous months, she had a handle on what it was that we would love.  Although I went down the aisle in a wheelchair, the venue, Allie’s Cabin, was like a fairy tale!  All I could do was look around in awe how beautiful it was and every detail from decoration to food to music was perfect.  I couldn’t have done a better or probably couldn’t have even done such a wonderful job taking care of the finishing touches myself.  If you’re searching for the perfect wedding planner...  let your search end here!

Denise and John | September 15th 2018


If anyone is looking for someone to make sure you have THE most special wedding day, well, you found her!  Jennifer Pletcher was not only my wedding planner, but she is my friend!  Jennifer, thank you for making the day I have dreamed of as a girl even better than I imagined.  Jennifer is the most thoughtful, patient, kind, fun, awesome person to have in your life but to have her as your wedding planner is another level of amazing.

Cameron L, 2018


When we met Jennifer Pletcher we immediately recognized that she was extremely knowledgeable about all it takes to plan a wedding and has deep connections to any vendors that you could ever need.  She started contacting people on our behalf at our first meeting, before we even hired her.  She made the whole process very easy and was always available whenever we needed.  Aside from being an expert in her field, Jeni is also a wonderful person and made every interaction a pleasure.  She could not have been more kind, caring, organized and involved through the entire process. She went above and beyond, doing things way outside the scope of her contract—she literally did EVERYTHING.  I’m sure we only saw a small fraction of what Jeni did to make our day perfect as she is constantly working behind the scenes with all the vendors, reviewing contracts, creating spreadsheets, and proactively dealing with issues before we were even aware of them.  During the wedding she is in the background orchestrating everything to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.  Our wedding was the largest wedding that our venue had ever hosted, with more vendors and setup than they had dealt with before, and you would have never known because Jeni made the whole thing work seamlessly!  The wedding was more perfect than we could have ever imagined.  It was a dream come true thanks to Jeni  All of the vendors she recommended are truly amazing, we definitely had a dream team. We are beyond grateful to have met and worked with Jeni and would recommend her to our closest friends and family without any reservations.  She is the best. We are now lucky to call her a friend and look forward to seeing her anytime we are in Vail.

Tori and Adam | August 10th 2019


I have so many feelings about Jeni and my experience working with Gemini, so this is going to be a long one.  I can easily say that she was the best investment we made on our wedding, and she has become such a dear, life-long friend in the process.  Her planning services are invaluable - honestly I would have been so lost without her! Jeni is truly a visionary, and an expert in planning and executing beautiful and grand weddings, with unique and personal touches.  Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, but with Jeni, the process was nothing but FUN.  As someone who didn't really have a vision for their dream wedding, Jeni helped pull that out of me.  What we created together was so above what I ever could have done on my own, and having her by my side allowed me to really be present and enjoy my own wedding. I knew she had our backs and every detail was handled.  After meeting with Jeni, I knew quickly that she was my girl.  She was so thoughtful, and above all the other planners I met with, I could tell how much she cares about her clients and the work that she does.  She went so above and beyond for me before I was even a client of hers.  Throughout the planning process, Jeni and I grew to become such close friends - she is not only an amazing planner, but the most wonderful and genuine person.  She has executed so many beautiful weddings, and as an expert in her field, I knew I could trust her opinions and recommendations.  Every vendor that she recommended to me were top notch - she helped me assemble a team of only the best!  Because she has such a strong rapport with all the best vendors in the Vail Valley and Denver areas, she was able to help us negotiate significant price discounts, additional services and preference over other potential clients that were inquiring about the same date.  Going in to the day, we knew Jeni had every single detail organized and ready to execute on.  But there are so many things that happen on your wedding day that you don't anticipate, and Jeni was there to manage all of those.  Like our backup plans had backup plans.  My husband and I got stuck on the mountain during our first look due to rain and the ceremony was delayed an hour plus - this is a situation that could stress out any human being.  We felt none of that because we knew Jeni had our backs and would help execute our vision no matter what.  Literally every detail in human control was planned and executed perfectly by Jeni and the team we assembled, and she mitigated the impact of those events that were out of our control so we were able to enjoy every moment of our wedding.

Erin and Jack | July 21st 2019


Jeni not only was my wedding planner but became a big sister.  I met Jeni over FaceTime while I was living in Australia.  We immediately clicked and I trusted her endlessly with the biggest day of my life.  She was available all the time, which was hard because I was living across the world, but she made it so easy.  She had an amplitude of different vendor suggestions and advice in what would be the best fit for my vision.  She was also always available to talk through any concerns or to tell me that everything is going to be okay.  I could not have imagined my wedding anymore perfect and that has everything to do with Jeni.  She made the day run smoothly and made sure that I was taken care of the entire day, and always had an espresso martini in my hand :).  I cannot thank Jeni enough!!  If you are looking for a wedding planner you would be nuts not to hire Jeni!  I want to do it all over again just so I can work with her again!  We love you Jeni!

Morgan and Sean | January 11th 2020


It’s difficult to illustrate how extraordinary Jeni and Gemini Event Planning is in words…it’s truly a special experience getting to work with the best in the business.  My fiancé (now husband) and I got engaged in December 2018.  We live in Atlanta, and we knew we wanted an intimate, destination wedding that captured who we are as a couple.  Vail Resort/Mountain was an easy choice for us to make! With the ability to google and research, we thought we would be able to wedding plan without a planner.  After about 2 weeks of being price gouged or turned down due to a winter, on-mountain wedding, we knew we needed help to make our snowy, winter wedding work.  We came across Jeni/Gemini, and she was so easy to work with from the very start.  I’m not sure if people accurately warn you about how difficult it can be to set up calls and meetings with vendors, especially if you are planning a destination wedding.  With Jeni, we had a call set up super quick, and can I add that she did the call on a Saturday to make it easier on me and my husband?!  Less than 1 minute into the call, I felt a connection with Jeni.  You know when you meet a special person and you can just feel their energy/aura/spirit?  Well, that’s Jeni.  She put us at ease and got to know us as a couple.  My husband and I viewed wedding planning as relationship building, not a transactional service.  After all, you are entrusting a team to support and guide you through the most special day of your life.  Relationship building is how Jeni works.  She really cares, and she goes every extra mile to ensure the whole planning process is calm, smooth, and fun (like it should be)!  Jeni also connected us with equally incredibly vendors.  We literally had the “dream team” for our wedding, and every detail turned out perfect.  Throughout our wedding, our families and friends commented on how talented and kind all of our vendors were --- from décor, flowers, photography, videography, music, etc.  Jeni, the Gemini team, and all of our vendors ensured that our intimate, destination, snowy, on-mountain wedding dreams came true!  Choosing Jeni as our wedding planner was the best decision we made, and we will forever adore her!  Overall, Jeni is the most beautiful human-being, and we feel honored that we got the privilege to know her, work with her, and now call her our life-long friend.  I wish ‘thank you’ could express how truly grateful we are.

Jessica and Cory | December 6th 2019